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Blingstation is one of the largest emerging websites with an expected traffic of about 1 million users per month.

Blingstation has the potential to offer great value to the associating brands to target their audienceusing keyword search options and other categories. Our advertising platform will help your brand connect with our exclusive base through various advertising models such as Standard banners and Email Marketing.

Self-Serve Advertising

Promote your books on Goodreads! Create and target an ad easily using our new advertising system.

  • Easily create an ad for your book or product.
  • Add credit to your account by prepaying. Each time someone clicks your ad, the bid will be deducted from your Goodreads account.
  • Your ads will show on Goodreads in locations where members are searching for and exploring books.
  • Target your ad by book genre, location, gender, or age.
  • View custom stats for your ad to see views, clicks, and the number of Goodreads members who add your book. Watch as Goodreads' virality helps your books numbers grow via word of mouth.
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