What are bling points?

Bling points are the brownie points that you earn when you shop and register with us. You start earning them from the time that you register and is like virtual money that can be used when shopping later which means that 1 bling point = Rs. 1.

HOW BlingPoints Works?

Register and Shop


Use Blingpoint to shop more
1 BlingPoint = 1 Rupee

Ways To earn Blingpoints

Method 1 : Account Registration

Once you register at , 500 bling points are credited to your account. These points become active after you shop for Rs.5000 from the website. This can be done in one purchase or can be distributed over a time of six months.

Method 2 : Shopping at

Once you unlock the 500 points earned at registration, you earn one point for every Rs.100 spent while shopping. This can be used like virtual money to pay for later purchases.

terms and conditions

One bling point is equal to Rs. 1

You can start using the bling points only when you’ve accumulated at least 200 points in your account.

You will start receiving the METHOD 2 bling points only after you’ve activated your METHOD 1 bling points, i.e.,
after you’ve shopped for Rs.5000 at, for every Rs.100 spent, 1 bling point will be credited to your account.

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