Jewelry Design Contest

Are you someone who likes to doodle jewellery designs? Do you have random designs scribbled at the back of your notebooks? Do you feel that if given a chance you can turn them into beautiful pieces? Well, here is your chance to do that and get rewarded for it as well.

Unleash the designer in you with our Jewelry of the Month contest! Think you don’t have that designer in you but love sketching? You can still design for us because we love offbeat designs. So, grab that notebook, hold that pencil and let your imagination set free, we’d love to see anything you can come up with! The designs can be intricate or just plain random, we love them all.


Here is the method you need to follow to get your design ready for upload:

METHOD 1:- Manual Sketching:
Draw the design on paper and then scan it to your computer. Save it in .jpeg or pdf format.

METHOD 2:- Digital Sketching:
Create your design using any 2D software like coraldraw or illustrator. Then save your design in. JPEG format on your computer.

Please note that the size of your file has to be under 1 MB


Once your design is ready, register on and go to your account. Then go to my designs and submit your design there through the option of ‘Submit design’.

Step to submit your design is:-

Step1: Register & Login->

Step2: Go to My Account

Step3: My Design

Step3:Submit Design/Upload Your Design


Now you can relax and wait for the results to be announced. One best design will be chosen by our team of designers. The winner of a particular month can be announced anytime till the 7th next month.

The winner gets to wear their designs as we manufacture and ship the winning design for free. They also get a special mention on our website so that they can spread the word of their win around.


Before you start brainstoming the perfect design, note that not everything can be made into a plush! A design will be automatically rejected if:

You can only send us the designs for the beaded jewelry category. We do love metal jewelry designs too, but for now we accept only beaded jewelry designs.

We accept only 3 sketches per Login ID, in a month (i.e. Between the 1st and last day of every month)

Only one design wins every month.

No sketches will be accepted after the 21st day of month.