Steps you should follow to winBLINGSTATION's
Valentine Contest

Like Share Win Gift

1. It is for free…
we believe in sharing love not charging to spread it.

2. You need to make BLING STATION Facebook page your best friend if you want to shower your valentine with free gifts.

3. You will see a Product (a totally awesome one) posted daily on the page with the NAME- PRODUCT OF THE DAY.

4. LIKE the product. Which we know you will also do it by heart. But raise that thumb icon below the picture.

5. SHARE SHARE SHARE did we mention SHARE… Share with as many people as you can even the ones you have never spoken to. Because as much as you share the more you will receive.

6. WIN… Yes, that is it. The highest sharer of the product meaning… the one person who made it his mission to share the highest wins gets the same product which was shown to the world. EASY PEASY SWEETY.

7. REGISTER to Receive your gift. As much as we love you for your contribution we will still need your details to send you your gift. So take a little time REGISTER on our website and let us know where to send you your gift wrapped awesome fashion accessory.

8. Don’t worry if you didn’t win one day. This contest will start from 1st Feburary, 2015 and run till 14th February, 2015. You can win more than once too. 14 free prizes for 14 days. As simple as that.

NOTE:*You can’t sue our innocent judges over winning decision… You have to share and tag minimum 25 people to become eligible for competition. Please do as directed pretty please…


Do I need to PAY for anything?

Even if you are living in Kanyakumari we will send you the product free of cost. As we said it is for FREE. Entry exit winning shipping everything is just for FREEEEEE….

What is the share time of the product?

We will post the product on 12p.m. and then the clock starts ticking. You have 23 hours to share the product. From 12p.m. the given day till 11a.m. the next day.

How should I confirm my entry?

After you have “REGISTERED” yourself on the website you have to click on the “SUBMIT” button.

How will you declare the winner?

The winner will be decided by the management with the fair counting of your shares. The results will be announced at 6p.m. Sorry to say but you can’t dispute over the results.

Can I win more than once?

Oh Yes… Grab them all if you can… Like they say in French “LOOT LO SAB KUCH”. The contest runs for 14 days and you can win all the 14 prizes if you share the “PRODUCT OF THE DAY” at the highest number.


Each product should be SHARED AND TAGGED atleast with 25 Friends on facebook to be eligible as a WINNER.. So AALSI MAT BANO SHARE KARO...


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Product of the day

Time To Blow the Horns…

We promised you love we promised you gifts. It is time we make good on our promises. So on commencement of our LIKE. SHARE. WIN. GIFT competition we got our LUCKY 14 Winners. Those who participated and didn’t win we are really sorry but fury not, we will bring this competition again next year. Besides if you stay hitched to our website you might have the chance to win some other competition as we like spreading LOVE every once in a while.

Those who had no clue what this competition was about here is the short scenario…

  • It was for free
  • All you had to do was LIKE BLING STATION’S Facebook page for start to get regular updates.
  • Like the picture of the product that says PRODUCT OF THE DAY.
  • Share with thousands hundreds as many people as you want.
  • Win that product of the day. The highest product sharing person became the winner of the day.
  • Registered them on So that we are now able to send them there prize (the product of the day that you won)
  • The contest started from 1st February and ended on 14th February. We will now hence distribute 14 products to the 14 winners.
  • Did we say it was all for free?
Valentine's Day Contest Winners -
Valentine's Day Contest Winners -
Valentine's Day Contest Winners -
Valentine's Day Contest Winners -
Valentine's Day Contest Winners -
Valentine's Day Contest Winners -
Valentine's Day Contest Winners -
Valentine's Day Contest Winners -
Valentine's Day Contest Winners -
Valentine's Day Contest Winners -
Valentine's Day Contest Winners -
Valentine's Day Contest Winners -